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We Know Health and Wellness

Are you tired of feeling tired? Imagine being healthy and fit, able to easily overcome your obstacles and accomplish your goals! The Health and Wellness Center helps you become your best self. we focus on improving the core issues of your health and breaking through the symptoms that hold you back.

When you see yourself free of allergies, excess weight, neck and back pain, you know  you've made the right decision by trusting Dr. Erickson and The Health and Wellness Center. With his insight and guidance, the path to being your best self is bright and clear.

The 3 Hormones Preventing You From Keeping The Weight Off

Weight loss is hard enough, so why go through the pain of seeing yourself put the weight back on after you've reached your goal? In this free ebook learn the 3 hormones that are preventing your long-term success and how to keep them in line.


Don't Let the Sun Set On Another Day With You Being In Pain

Weight Loss

Even though many people struggle with their weight, we know how frustration can turn to excitement as you begin to see steady progress towards your goals. We help you get to the root cause of your weight gain, improve your health and see yourself fit and healthy permanently.

Allergy Elimination

Did you know that un-diagnosed allergies can affect your entire body? Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, immune disorders, depression, addictions and many other conditions can be allergy-related. Your allergies can be eliminated without needles or injections. Picture being able to breathe freely no matter the season!

Functional Health Care

When your Functional Health improves, your body works better! We help you improve your health so that your body does an even better job of taking care of you. Your digestion, hormone balance, nutrition absorption, blood sugar regulation and more can be improved. You know that when your body is working well, you feel even healthier.


Why We're Different

Health problems come in all shapes and sizes. Some people just need to get out of pain others have lost their quality of life and wonder if there is any hope of recovering what they have lost. You need care customized to your needs.

At The Health and Wellness Center, whether seeking pain or allergy relief, help losing stubborn weight or help making general health improvements, we are equipped to help you reach your health goal.

What People Are Saying

"Dr. Erickson not only adjusted my bones, but also my life. His guidance and healing helped my soul and my body!! He is someone who really cares and wants you to be the best version of yourself." - Rebeccah S.

“My asthma is improving after 10 days. My waist is two inches smaller. My energy is much better and getting better every day. I’m never hungry. I love the program." - Maria A.

"Today when I woke up in pain, I never thought that I would have even received a quarter of the care or time that I was given. I left there with a sense of hope and joy that I haven't had by traditional medicine." - Sarah W.

"Off of blood pressure medication. Blood sugar [down to] normal range from 'pre-diabetic.' Lost 14.5 lbs." - Lora M.

"Thank you, Dr. Erickson! I have been living with pain for more than 5 years, and although I have a long way to go to be at my best, I can tell this is the right treatment for me!" - Julie W.

“Today I wore a fitted top that I haven’t worn in over 2 years, and it was very comfortable. I’m glad to be able to wear some “favorites” that have been in my closet (unworn) for 2 or 3 years." - Karen W.

“I have suffered with arthritis for over 20 years. I used to take from four to eight 800 mg of Motrin for my foot pain. After one month on the program I am off my pain medication, I am losing weight, my belly is slowly reducing. I can now walk in comfort, climb stairs and ladders, and have no foot pain.” - Earl S