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My NAET Story

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My NAET Story – What Got Me Into Allergy Elimination

Many years ago, I heard about Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique or NAET. I was in my first trimester of chiropractic college studies. The 2½-year-old daughter of a dear friend began suffering from whole-body joint pain. The pain grew so severe that the little girl could not walk or stand. Her pain seemed to have begun after she had received a vaccination. The medical doctors diagnosed her with systemic arthritis and wanted to treat her with conventional drugs and steroids. Seeking to avoid the possible side-effects of medications, her parents took her to a local chiropractor who practiced NAET. The doctor identified multiple sensitivities including one towards formaldehyde (a common ingredient in vaccinations). She was cleared of her multiple sensitivities through NAET and was shortly rid of her joint pain and inflammation.

Grateful and impressed with the results of their daughter, the mother sought help for her Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Her condition started shortly after she received news of her father’s death. She was eating a bowl of cold cereal when her mother called to deliver the bad news. Since that point forward, she could not eat that cereal again and her SAD symptoms began. She went through the basic treatments and was additionally treated for the cold cereal. Since removing the allergies, she has not suffered from the seasonal emotional lows that she had been struggling with for multiple years.

After witnessing these miraculous results, I sought out training in allergy elimination method. That was my first introduction to Dr. Devi Nambudripad, Oriental Medicine and NAET.

A Born Skeptic

When I graduated from Palmer Chiropractic College, I was considered a “straight” Chiropractor. This meant that I practiced Chiropractic and only Chiropractic with my patients. This was different that being a “mixer” – a Chiropractor who practiced Chiropractic along with other healing methods. For some reason, when I went through the above experience with my friends, I didn’t understand how the allergies were eliminated, I was only fixated on the amazing results that they received. I had never before heard that allergies could be eliminated, neutralized, cleared, etc.

I had dealt with allergies as a kid. I had problems with hay fever, grass, weeds, etc. It drove me crazy and usually had me wallowing through symptoms of difficulty breathing, runny nose, and headache for several days after each exposure. But, my job was to mow the lawn every other week. There was not getting out of it so I accepted that I would have an allergy attack every other weekend in the spring and summer and that it would take me 2-3 days to recover fully from each episode. I learned that I could tie a handkerchief around my face and by “hay fever” pills to help with the symptoms, but this was something that I would deal with the rest of my life. My understanding was that there was no “fix” for allergies. The pills, inhalers, shots, etc. were only effective at managing the symptoms.

Drugs don’t heal – they can manage symptoms, cover-up pain or discomfort, suppress reactions, stimulate body responses – but they don’t heal. Drugs do carry side-effects…always. Allergy drugs fell into that category. They helped to lessen my allergy symptoms, but I still knew that I had an allergy and that it was affecting me. In addition, I could tell that the drugs were impacting how I felt as well. I felt more tired, less focused, and dry-mouthed. Sometimes I wasn’t sure if the side-effects that I felt from the meds outweighed the little relief that I received from taking them. I wasn’t aware of anything that could “fix” allergies until my experience with my friend, his daughter and his wife.

I sat in Dr. Nambudripad’s seminar with great anticipation – this was exciting stuff for sure! She began to talk about meridians and acupuncture and muscle testing and energy clashing and my excitement began to leave my body. What had I gotten myself into. I vowed, upon graduating Chiropractic College that I would not be a “mixer.” I would practice only Chiropractic. Yet, here I was sitting in this seminar listening to things that I considered to be hokey.

Keep An Open Mind

Fortunately, even though my excitement had left me, my wits hadn’t. I realized that all of the money that I had spent on this seminar was already spent – I wasn’t going to get it back, even if I got up and left at the beginning of the first day. I recalled the results of my friend and his family and decided that I would do my best to keep an open mind and see what I could learn.

I learned that one can be reactive to almost anything. I was surprised by the fact that people react to basic nutritional components, like protein, vitamins and minerals. I learned that someone who reacts to vitamins and minerals will, over time, become deficient in those vitamins or minerals because the body has difficulty assimilating things that it is reacting to. I learned that allergies can drive bigger problems in the body. Dr. Nambudripad’s clinic, by addressing their allergies, was seeing patients improving who had been diagnosed with weight issues, thyroid disorders, PMS, IBS, migraines, hormone imbalances, depression, eczema, rashes, leaky gut syndrome, anxiety attacks, asthma, ADD/ADHD and the list goes on.

I studied, listened and took good notes, yet still had to be convinced that this was something that I could use in my practice. I returned to my office and began to treat patients the very next week. I didn’t understand all that I was doing. I had learned the procedure and followed it like a recipe without the understanding of how each specific ingredient contributed to the final result. It wasn’t long before my patients were coming back with amazing results.

There were young mothers that before had zero energy to manage their young children and their household that were experiencing more and more energy. Young girls that were seeing their acne disappear. Men who had to modify their lifestyles and jobs because of reactions to the environment. People who were severely allergic to cats and dogs who could be around them now. Older gentlemen who were addicted to prescription pain medication that somehow, someway were able to drop the addiction with just a few treatments. People slept better, had more energy, laughed more, got outside more, were more productive, saw the quality of life improve, etc. All because of this allergy elimination technique. I became a believer.

Now many years later, I understand more and more about how the body works. I love Chiropractic and have seen it do some amazing things with people’s problems, but I realize that it is not the be-all-to-end-all. It is an important tool in my healthcare deliver toolbox, but there are other tools in there as well. And for all that I have learned about the body and how it works I am impressed with how much I don’t know.

With all of our technological advances science has only scratched the surface when it comes to understanding how the body works. There are so many body processes that occur that science is able to observe and document, but doesn’t know why it happens or how it happens. So, it is with health and healing – you don’t always have to know all the “ins and outs” to be a recipient of the virtue of this or that health care procedure.

Just Because it is Different, Isn’t Bad

I’ve learned not to be too smug in what I do know. I learned to slow down and seek to understand. Also, that just because something is different, doesn’t mean it has no value or application in my life. I cringe to think upon all of the people who wouldn’t have had their lives blessed if I had walked out that seminar long ago because I was too narrow minded to consider that there may be something to this allergy elimination thing.

Life is a journey. Buckle up your seat belt and let’s go for a ride. The race is given not to the swiftest, but to the one who perseveres.

NAET has the power to change lives and it can change yours too.

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