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Eliminate Allergies Without Needles or Drugs



Allergy symptoms can drive you crazy!  As a child, my job was to mow the lawn. I didn't like to do it because it took me two days to recover from the watery, drippy nose and struggle to breathe due to constricted airways. As I grew older, I began to identify other allergies that kept me away from the food that I enjoyed or away from outdoor locations that I loved because of the reactions that I would have.

Let's face it: allergies can ruin and run your life. Traditional drug care offers nothing but suppression of symptoms, continued drug dosing and the side-effects that go along with them.

An allergy or a sensitivity is your body's tendency to react negatively to things in your world. Things that you react to can be food items (wheat, milk, bananas), outdoor items (grass, pollen, trees), environmental items (perfumes, lotions, adhesives), animals and the list goes on.

Some allergens are easy to identify and cause traditional symptoms like runny nose, watery eyes, sneezing, and coughing. Other allergic responses are more covertly hostile and subtly creep under the radar, causing symptoms like fatigue, poor sleep, poor memory, poor digestion and weakness.

NOTE: You can be allergic to just about anything.

How do allergies work?

Allergic reactions happen as your body interacts with the world it lives and works in. Just like two magnets with similar poles will repel each other, the body will try to "repel" those things that are seen as dangerous or harmful to it. Picture holding a bar magnet in each hand with the north poles of each magnet facing each other. Feel the force of the similar poles pushing away.
magnets repel

You can't SEE the magnetic forces or energy, but you can FEEL the magnets repel each other. The body behaves in a similar way. You can't SEE the energy, but you can FEEL the symptoms as the body goes on the defense.

Problems arise when the body gets confused about what is harmful and begins to react to things that are supposed to be good for us (as is the case with food allergies) or things that should be neutral (as in the case of pollen or perfume or animals).

IMPORTANT CONCEPT: Most allergic reactions are not even reactions to the particular item, for example, MILK. A milk allergy is most often due to reactions to the things that make up MILK, such as calcium, milk fat, milk sugar, etc.

You can also become reactive to vitamins, minerals, protein, sugars, fats, etc. As in the example of the two magnets, your body, when reactive to essential nutrients, will try to "repel" them when it comes in contact with them.
This is critical to success: the allergy elimination approach must start with testing and neutralizing the reaction to vitamins, minerals, protein, etc. BEFORE addressing what may remain of the food or environmental allergy. This "order-of-things" makes a world of difference in the successful outcome of the allergy elimination.


What does "elimination" mean?

I use a method of allergy elimination called, Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Technique or NAET. NAET has been successfully helping people with allergies since 1993. NAET is a blending of Eastern and Western medicines. It draws upon understandings of the body and health from chiropractic, oriental medicine, acupuncture and western medicine.

The goal of the treatments is to reprogram the body's response to allergens - to eliminate the reactivity. In the example above with the magnet, if we flip one of the magnets over the magnetic force goes from repelling to attraction. With a proper NAET treatment the body's reaction to an allergen goes from repelling to acceptance of that allergen - no symptoms.

People may wonder if NAET treatments can "cure" them of allergies. The word "cure" holds different meanings for different people. The body has the ability to heal itself.

My role is to identify and help the body overcome the barriers that are preventing it from reaching it's full potential. I remove barriers and then let the body do the healing.

WIll It Help Me?

People may wonder if NAET treatments can "cure" them of allergies. The word "cure" holds different meanings for different people. The body has the ability to heal itself. 

Every patient that I have worked with has gotten some degree of help from allergy elimination. In many cases, the allergy elimination procedures worked where nothing else did. It has provided relief to people suffering from common allergic reactions to cats/dogs.  It has helped people reintegrate into society again after suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Everyone is different - different lifestyles, different genetics, different levels of health, different histories of accidents, injuries, illnesses, etc. All of these variables will impact the speed of results and the ultimate outcome of the treatments.

Come in and let’s find out how this can help you.

One intriguing aspect of the allergy elimination is that you are no worse off for trying it... That can't be said for the traditional drug-based allergy treatments.

There is nothing to lose

Traditional drug-based allergy treatments are fraught with side-effects, both short term and long term.  Typical food allergy tests ordered by your allergist can have a 50% or greater false positive result - making them unreliable. NAET is safe and effective.  Don’t suffer for no reason!

Because of the nature of the allergy desensitization treatments, there always is some improvement of symptoms as you follow the recommendation of the doctor. Most people have found allergy desensitization to have a profound impact on their lives.

You really do have nothing to lose...except your allergies.

What People are Saying

Mary would have asthma attacks around cats, severe enough that she required a steroid inhaler to get through the reaction. After allergy desensitization, she can be around cats and said goodbye to her arthritis pain as well.

Coby had a history of multiple environmental allergies and asthma. He reacted severely to grass and would have an asthma attack every time he mowed the lawn. Following allergy desensitization treatments he found that he could play and roll around in the grass without an asthma attack.

Mike had a history of sinusitis, itching eyes, lung congestion and nausea. He reacted to dust, weeds, pollen and pesticides. Symptoms were worse after rain. Following allergy desensitization treatments he noticed a dramatic decrease in the itching eyes, lung congestion and nausea and could enjoy playing in the rain.

A 55-year-old female with a history of depression, headaches, and low energy and multiple allergens. Experienced a burst of energy with the first allergy desensitization treatment. With continued treatment her headaches went away.

Brenda had adult-onset asthma and carried her inhaler everywhere. She constantly battled a runny nose, sneezing, watery eyes, and wheezing due to her dog. She treated for dog and cat and noticed that the wheezing and sneezing subsided and she no longer broke out in rash around her animals.

Sara suffered from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for most of her teen years. Exhaustion, fatigue, memory loss, muscle pain, night sweats and brain fog caused her to drop out of High School and couldn't hold down a job. While treating she noticed an increase in energy, vitality, mental clarity, and stamina. She eventually was able to return to school and hold down a job.

Six year old, Emma, had a peculiar rash on her bottom that started out as pimples and developed into itchy cysts that would rupture and scar over. Concerned about medicating, her mother tried allergy elimination treatments and was happy when the rash disappeared completely and the itching stopped.

B.L. suffered from multiple allergies and asthma. She had food allergies, environmental allergies, and animal allergies. Her asthma constantly bothered her and she used her inhaler 2 or more times a week. After allergy desensitization treatments her inhaler usage went from daily/weekly to monthly.

35-year-old woman had an intense craving for chocolate. She worked on a school playground and around her menstrual cycle had to carry M&Ms in her dress pockets just to cope with the cravings. After the allergy desensitization treatments she no longer had the intense, gotta-have-it, cravings for chocolate. And her mood was much better, too.

Mary was 73 and had suffered persistent flu-like symptoms for the past 3 years. She was concerned about overuse of medications and antibiotics. She noticed a positive change in health in the first few weeks of allergy desensitization treatments. Over time she reported increased energy and vitality and decreased symptoms.

Joe suffered from almost constant sinus pressure and drainage. He felt connected to a tissue box. He was so sensitive to dust that he had to leave the room when his wife vacuumed. Allergy shots did not work. After allergy desensitization treatments his symptoms improved so much that he was able to do the vacuuming.

Barb had chronic post-nasal drip for so long that she couldn't remember when it began. She tried every conceivable allergy treatment without success. She was worried about allergy shots and medication and side effects or "dependency" that they could create. After the allergy desensitization treatments her post-nasal drip, headaches, and dizziness disappeared, she slept better. Eventually, she reported that her Irritable Bowel Syndrome didn't bother her anymore.

Marleen had multiple allergies, the worse were cats and chocolate. She loved chocolate it caused horrible migraine headaches and she had to give it up. After allergy desensitization treatments she was amazed that she could be around cats without reacting and didn't react to chocolate anymore. 18 years later she was still enjoying eating chocolate and being around cats.

Your allergies and sensitivities aren't just going to go away. Schedule an appointment today to see if allergy elimination is right for you.